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James Quartermaine (pictured above), whilst a Solicitor at Charles Russell in the City of London, abused me and my religious affiliation in such a vile way I have never been able to recover from it. He condoned me being told, at the instigation of his Norwegian client, to: 'Go f*ck Allah, the Camel' and that that my 'semen was only fit for a pig' and much more besides. The scumbag bigots at the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) refused to investigate James Quartermaine. Rot in hell all of you at the SRA and burn in hell James Quartermaine and David Hirst, Barrister at 5RB. You too LJ Bean for exonerating them all by your Order refusing permission for Judicial Review dated 21.12.21. An Order declaring that the SRA cannot be made to investigate someone if they didn't want to, due to their 'discretionary' powers. If I'd been Jewish it would have been different, would it not Mr Bean?