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Here's the story of my life-long friend, drummer Russell Gilbrook on his journey to joining Uriah Heep, when the great Lee Kerslake retired. I introduced Russell to Uriah Heep in 1987 and twenty years later in 2007 I rang him up to tell him: "Russ, there's a vacancy for drummer at Heep". As you will see he did the rest himself and got the gig. Russell Gilbrook is the Mike Tyson of the drum world and a third dan in karate to boot. He has a definitive bit-part in the Norway Shockers Story too. Russell and I shared great adventures on the road with Alan Price (ex-The Animals) and Chris Barber's Jazz and Blues Band. We were overjoyed at his successful bid to get the drum stool at Uriah Heep and didn't we just love his first concerts in 2007 co-headlining with Deep Purple and Alice Cooper. Wow!


Uriah Heep at Wembley Arena. 21 March 2024. Triple bill with Saxon & Judas Priest.