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Retired Lincoln's Inn Solicitor Farid El Diwany produces yet another classic exposé on the machinations and cover-up of the judiciary when trying to protect the establishment City of London bigot turned abuser. No lawyer would undertake such a bold enterprise whilst still in practice for fear of incurring the wroth of his professional body. Farid El Diwany, a courageous whistle-blower by any reckoning, reveals the myths behind the legal remedy of judicial review when contesting an 'irrational' decision of a public body. The body in question being the outdated monolith, the much-despised Solicitors Regulation Authority, in this case protecting a big City law firm. Urgent reform is needed of this regulator as well as the need for new rules to punish the covert racists in the legal profession and the necessity to update the judicial conduct rules for the betterment of the equally obtuse judiciary.

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