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'Ha! How's it feel #MeTooSRA? Proven liar Amber Heard - gets her comeuppance from a jury. Women DO lie! Women DO abuse! How's it feel so-called barrister, bigot, Rory Mulchrone and so-called Solicitor, bigot, Hannah Pilkington at Capsticks? How's it feel, bigot, John Colin Chesterton ex-SDT? How's it feel bigoted management at the SDT? How's it feel, bigot, Lady Justice Sharp? How's it feel Mr Justice Nicol? Give me a jury anytime.

The monstrous arrogance of the breed in charge of regulating the Solicitors profession in the form of Paul Philip at the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Geraldine Newbold CEO of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal and her SDT Member clones, such as Gerald Sydenham, John Colin Chesterton, and Clifford Chance partner Simon Tinkler, is something that must be curtailed. The problem is, in practice, these people are unaccountable. The COST of simply TRYING to bring them to book is ruinous. Just like the Solicitors Regulation Authority the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal insulate themselves against their own rotten leadership. They frequently use Q.C's to bankrupt and crush their fiercest critics. A quasi-judicial form of rape. May they all rot in hell.