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Mrs Justice May is another one of the many Islamophobic bigots at the Royal Courts of Justice who, when deciding on my claim to have bent Norwegian copper Police Sergeant Torill Sorte served with perjury proceedings, selected the evidence according to the conclusion that she - a priori - intended to reach. In other words, Mrs Justice May, when failing to investigate historical facts with an open mind - the severe perjury of bent Norwegian Police Sergeant Torill Sorte at the High Court - started from a foregone conclusion dictated by prejudice. Mrs Justice May cut out parts of the evidence and casts more of the evidence out of context. She is determined not to undermine the f****d in the head judgment of Mrs Justice Sharp, exonerating Police Sergeant Torill Sorte in 2011.

As one Lincoln's Inn barrister advised me on Mrs Justice May's recent decision: "It is true perversion. No unbiased judge seized with the same evidence could ever have reached the same conclusion as May J. The judgment was 'self-serving' in that it served the interest of the lower judge [Mrs Justice Sharp] and protected her perversity.' I will appeal.